Monday, June 2, 2008

Ubud...Part Dua

Okay, I ralized that if I'm ever gonna get caught up with this blog, that I've gotta keep it a bit more short and sweet, so I'll do my best. If anyone wants more details, just let me know...

So after the "spa day", we checked out this really cool Sacred Monkey Forest. Hundreds of Long-tailed Meckacs living among ancient Hindu Temples...pretty amazing. The monkeys there were quite dosile areound humans, but rather rambunzxious around eachother. Saw monkeys engagin in both pre and post-birthing acts. How adorable it was to see baby monkeys clung to the underbellies of theri mothers. Oh, and god, the Banyan treees! So enchanting.

Had to indulge in a traditoinal (and cermeonial) Balinese dinner, so we did. We met the friendliest guy in Bali named Arie, and partook in the experience of smoked duck. Not exactly what I expected, but the company of Arie and the bad dad-jokes certainly made up for the small portions. I tried to adapt my "chicken joke" to Arie's duck, but it didn't go over so well. For those of you who know my chicken joke, the towel was the total wrong didn't look like a chicken at all...more like a...well, nevermind.

The last day in Ubud, was, in my opinion, the best. We rented a motorbike and headed off to the jewlery village where I picked up some beautiful pieces for really reasonable prices. I've got some great gifts for you ladies! After a loing day of shopping and visiting local art stores, we stopped at a local village to watch the Herons land (and poop all over the on-looking bird watchers).

Ubud was simply amazing. I can't even begin to explain what it felt like there, but I can say that it was filled with culture, smiles and left some everlasting memories in my mind. I'd love to go back again with loads more cash and buy things to furnish my life!

Next stop...Medawi. This was a small surf village with hardly anything, save a whole bunch of character!