Monday, June 2, 2008

Medawi, Bali (read Ubud part 2 first!) and Java!

Seated on the west-coast of Bali, a few hours west of Uluawatu, was a sleepy little beach village called Medawi, where the locals are surfers too (uncommon, surprisingly in much of Indonesia), the beach is covered in Volcanic sands and large grey rocks and the surf is surprisingly consistent in the mornings. For me, it was a time to relax, and catch up on some reading and writing...oh, and eating. We found this really, really cheap restaurant/home stay right on the beach, and boy did we eat! A couple of quick memorable moments...

One night while eating dinner, a chicken that was roosting in a stairway just 5 feet from our table got shooed away from his post and swooped into my hair...kinda scary, but I survived. Let's just say I didn't eat Ayam (chicken) for a few days.

I attempted to surf in some really mellow waves that were breaking close to shore. Just as I was having a great time, shoulder did it's weird sharp-pain thing again. Bummer. No surfing for a bit longer now. Don't know what the heck is wrong with it.

Both nights in Medawi, there was a local soccer game that took place at about 5pm. The locals play shirts and skins, and wear no shoes and play alongside cows. Pretty darn cool actually, and when they weren't clowning around with one another, they were really good players. Nonetheless, very entertaining to watch!

Had my first bucket shower. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, well, when there is a squat toilet with no flusher (as is quite common in Asia, especially here in Indo), the supply you with a bucket. The bucket is then filled with water and poured down the toilet. So, if your shower head doesn't work, you can also use the bucket to shower with...mmmmm, yummy! Better that being salty for 3 days though! Met some really nice locals that gave us some tips for west Java, which we are nearing now.

Right now I sit I sit in Yogjakarta, I got here, I will explain in my next blog. Just give me a day or two... STILL SO MUCH TO SAY!

Pictures soon to come. Maybe tomorrow!