Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metawais in the Near Future

Well, the boat that we were supposed to take across to the Mentawais cancelled. They changed their schedule, so we can't head over there until after we get back from the visa run to Malaysia. It's too risky to get over there and not know when the return boats will leave, so we figured, we'll just hang around Padang, Sumatera until our flight to Kuala Lumpur on the 20th.

Right now we are in Bukittingi, which is a pretty beautiful mountain, or should I say, Volcano town! Bukittingi is home to Sumatra's most active volcano called Merapi. Don't worry, the last eruption was 30 years ago. Today we hiked through a beautiful canyon to the so-called "silver village" which basically consisted of one house with one guy that makes silver jewelry. A little disappointing, but I gotta say, the hike was great! Last night we saw some traditional martial arts, dance and beautiful music. Quite the performance really!

Today we are off to Harung Valley where we will stay in ewok houses for a couple of nights and trek to some jungle waterfalls. Gibbons (monkeys) are indigenous to the area as well as water buffalo, giant beetles and a few snakes.

You've gotta be a flexible traveler I guess is the moral of the story. Great news though, not only did I get my tax return, but I also got an extra $600 from the federal government! Guess I'll stay in Indo another month! You gotta love it when it works out that way!

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