Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well, as you can see, Montana has been treating me good so far! The dust has finally settled from the holiday tornado that swept us all up in a current of food, fun, and rock and roll.

Montana is a beautiful place, and my first week here was a blast. We started the New Year off proper-like with Sarah and Sherm pie in the face and a 15 person party at Zip's cabin out by Glacier National P
ark. We arrived after midnight having driven a total of 8 hours and had to snowmobile into the cabin. Everyone was asleep the first night we got there which was the night before NYE. The party the next night was a blast complete with a late-night jam and extreme sledding course!

From there, I moved into my new home here in Eureka Montana in Canyon's mom's super-cool house. It's shaped like an octagon and has huge windows all throughout overlooking the mountains and valley. Such an inspirational office space. The next couple of nights we bounced around from the Cake Walk party (we constructed a Flaming Castle Dinosaur Cupcake Cake which was a huge hit) and a kid's sledding party where we had to cross country ski to get into. The next night was the Folk Society Meeting at the neighbor's house, once again, a jam session, and then SHERM came up for band practice!

We had a little impromptu studio recording preceded by a really really good dinner of Elk Backstrap courtesy of the boys. What followed is only explicable by the following photos. Let's just say it started out with custom Bloody Marys and ended in a Garage band session. Oh, we also had some fun with freezer limbo and Trixie came to town. Thanks for the wig mom!

Now it's down to business time. Check out the YONink website: