Wednesday, May 7, 2008

8 days to go!

Well, just 8 days left of tree planting, and then, I'll be trading in my tree belt and spade for a sarong and a pina colada! God I can't wait! This time around has actually been pretty fun, I must say...despite the hard work and excruciating long days that is!

We've got a great crew (and quite a large crew) of 14 international workers. 4 girls including me, and 10 boys. The 3 girls are from Scotland, and they are just adorable. I've really gotten to know and like them more and more every day. On lass in particular called Emma is just a hilarious. She is seriously non-stop comedy...I don't know where she gets half the stuff, but she has the whole crew in stitches for the better part of the day. Love her. The guys are from everywhere from Germany and England to New Zealand, Canada, and of course Australia. We've had some pretty good times including a rockin' party this past weekend. Let's just say I had a few cocktails and got loose with some 90's music. Two words...VIDEO JUKEBOX! It's brilliant! All of those great music videos from growing up all at the touch of a button!

My living situation has been quite interesting. Some of us are staying above the bar with the video jukebox and others (myself included) have been camping out...not so great when you have to wake up at 4:30am. It's just wrong waking up before the sun and coming home when it's dark out...and downright cold too! The weather has actually been pretty nice as of late. It's been around 20 Celsius (I'm swift on metric now!) which calculates to around 68 Fahrenheit. Pretty perfect weather really. I'll be excited to give up the camping this weekend when the crew moves to a different location with better accommodations. Hopefully I'll be in a share house with 3 or 4 others. It's kinda like college, only instead of schoolwork, it's manual labor...and you're making money, not spending it. Oh, and the people are much more mature...well, not all of them!

Gosh I can't wait for a massage...I think I'll get a mud bath, pedi, mani and a massage actually...after all, I've earned it! Especially because it will probably only cost me about $10 all up! Gotta love Asia!