Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun and Games!

Well, well. Where do I begin. Life here in Wanaka, New Zealand has been everything I've dreamed of and more! So much has happened in the past few months that brief list of highlights will have to do!

I've been extremely busy working both jobs, both at Treble Cone as a "cafe assistant" and at Lone Star as a Maitre'D. Let me run you through that real quick. The job at TC is pretty cruisy. 3 days a week I basically serve, smile at, and clean up after skiers and their families on their holiday can imagine that can go both ways. Some days it's really fun, and others you marvel at how people can be so ignorant and messy. 3 evenings a night, I work as a Maitre'D at Lonestar. That's been pretty fun, and we are like a little family there. Lots of hugs and Hi 5's. I get really well taken care of there, and have been given the added responsibility of Events Manager (for which I've been through a 2 day course). I hosted my first event, The Burton (Snowboards) Open Party almost a month ago and it went off without a hitch! It was great fun, and I have a few more events to plan before I return home for the holidays. Between the two jobs, I'm getting to know most everyone who's anyone around town pretty quick. It's such a small town, that it's not uncommon for me to serve someone coffee or share a chair lift with them during the day and show them to their table at Lonestar at night! Pretty funny.

We've been making some really strong bonds with our friends here. Jess and Pip (above) are two of my best girl friends you can see, they're pretty fun! It seems like we have had pot-luck parties and costume parties galore lately. It's rare that a week goes by without a gathering of some sort which involves a costume or home made goods! Right up my alley! You all are aware of my love for making things and getting dressed up! Speaking of parties, Mick had his 30'th birthday party. My friends and I threw him a surprise party and, man was it fun. It was hard to hide it all from Mick, but of course I pulled it off! I managed to even sneak upstairs and make him a costume in between jobs and while he was sleeping! The theme was "under the sea" since he is such an ocean baby. I dressed as a Sea horse and Mick was an Angler Fish (see above photo! It's a scary looking deep sea fish with a light-like antennae attachment...can't you tell?) All of our guests got dressed up as well. Now you know who is going to be turning 30! Where has the time gone?

So between parties, (that there's a photo of me from my TC staff party dressed as a Tui, a native NZ bird), management classes, art auctions, work, and a whole lotta snow sliding, we've been pretty busy! Mick's been keeping himself occupied with lots and lots of paiting and has been brewing his own beer too! Yummm. Our lease is up at the end of October, and we are trying to figure out our next strategic move. There is talk of returning after the holidays and staying around for the long lazy days of summer, however we haven't set anything in stone. Next step, get through the rest of the season and get home for the holidays. I don't think Mick will be accompanying me to the US this time, as funds are tight, but I'll be there for sure. Wouldn't miss it!

I love love you all and miss you to bits!