Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hey all!
Well, we are currently in Adelaide, South Australia, getting ready to head to the Flinders Ranges. Adelaide is my favorite Australian city so far. Very clean, quiet and fairly small for a city. Just my size! We've been living it up with daily showers and a beautiful kitchen to cook in since we've been staying with a couple of Mick's friends. Mick was born here and lived here until he was 5. His grandma lives here and we spent all day yesterday with her and her husband. We had a really nice time with them. It's been nice to chill and hang in a metropolitan area for a few days to recoup and clean up a bit. All that is about to chance as we head into the arid desert like landscape of the Flinders Ranges.

Mick and his family used to visit the Flinders Ranges when the boys were young. He has very fond memories of his dad painting up there, so we are going to do some artwork. I'm really looking forward to seeing a bit of Australian Outback since we haven't seen much of that yet. We should run into (hopefully not literally!) a few red kangaroos which are much larger than the eastern greys that we've seen so far. I really hope we see a few.

Oh, good news, the article that Canyon and I wrote for Method Magazine got published! That is the first time I've ever had written media published! It's a really cool magazine as well. Check it out online at http://www.methodmagazine.com/ . I wish we could get it in the states, but unless you have a subscription, you can't get it. Hopefully they will be sending me a copy, so I'll let you know when and if I receive it!

No pics this time. It's really hard to find a computer down here that will let you load photos, so when we get to mick's mom's house I'll load a bunch of them. Hope you are all gearing up for Christmas!

Lots of Love and holiday cheer!