Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fish, fish, and more fish...and mussells too!

Here is a"fish faces" photo for my "FishFacebook" And there's Mick with his Groper!

Well, as you can tell by my title and the above photos, we've been doing one heck of a lot of fishing! Twice and some times 3 times a day! Mick's a master crab and worm catcher, so we always have plenty of bait! We were at a spot a few days ago that Mick "recons" was one of the best rock fisihing spots he's ever been to. As a result, we've pulled in everything from tropical reef fish to Grouper to Snapper! 5 snapper to be exact! Oh, and a few dozen mussells straight off the rocks! We are almost to the border of Victoria, which will be a new Australian state for me, so I'm pretty excited. We are thinking that we'll head back up to the Gold Coast for Xmas and New Years to be with Mick's family and friends which I am happy about. You all know how I am with the holidays!

I think I came up with a good name for Wanda's her blog tell me what you think: "Wanda, Where are Ewe?". Here's the latest in her Thanksgiving Turkey costume! Gobble gobble!
Hope all is well in America! No proper Thanksgiving celebration here, but Mick's gonna try to get some Lobsters! YUM! I'll be thankful for that! Oh, and I'm thankful for my boyfriend who forces me to eat healthy and loose weight! No sweets and only 1 bag of Doritos so far makes a difference!