Thursday, November 22, 2007

Photos from Cambodia!

Here are some shots that I loved from Cambodia. Hopefully this helps you get the idea! Haven't quite figured out all the functions on this thing, so excuse the format. A bit screwy!

(below) Ta Prohm: Where the movie "Tomb Raider" was filmed. This amazing fig tree has grown right down the center! Incredible.

(R) Me and the kids at the orphanage. If you can zoom in, please do! The little girl in the green towel was too sick to play with us :(

(Above right) A bed located in one of the torture chambers at S-21 in Phenom Penh. So scary.
(Above) a temple...can't remember the name, but sooo cool, isn't it?
(R) Bayon. This is where I spent sunrise at Angkor Wat. You can imagine how eerie the faces looked in the early morning light!

Enjoy! Another post to come soon!