Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Day in Pairadise...kind of!

Well, since my last blog, I've been here chillaxing in Pai, (Northern Thailand). It's a beautifully quaint little hippie town surrounded by natural wonders. Waterfalls, jungles and a great bunch of great restaurants make up the town of Pai. It's very quaint, and the hill tribe women are always around selling their goods as well.

Mick and I did a 24K hike on Sunday. We made our way up to a ridiculously beautiful waterfall, winding through jungle and crossing the river numerous times. It was perfect, and we were the only ones up there! After we got back down, we were pretty hungry, so we jumped on the motorbike and headed out for a bite to eat. The light was getting dim, the adrenaline was flowing and we were pretty hungry, so neither of us was thinking completely straight. A speed bump jumped out of nowhere, and Mick slammed on the breaks...or shall I say break. Only the front ones worked well, and the bike tipped over throwing us on our left sides. We slid on the loose gravel and pavement and got some pretty good road rash. Everything is all superficial, and we went directly to the hospital to get it all treated and cleaned. We're gonna hang low here for a couple of days until the wounds dry up, which is a good thing. I don't think there is anywhere I'd rather in Thailand recovering from something like this.

Mick has been really nice and looking after me. He payed for a nice place where we can recuperate and out in the shade for a few days. I am just taking the whole thing with a grain of salt, knowing that everything happens for a reason. I keep telling myself that someone was trying to tell us to slow down a bit, and I am listening. Perhaps if this hadn't happened, I would have had something much worse happen. I've got to believe in stuff that.

We're going to look into doing some Raiki training and a Thai Cooking Course here for the next couple of days. Good old low-impact activities. Maybe after 4 or 5 days, it will be trekking time. Just need my knee to heal up well. No infections though, so that is a major positive. I'll try and round up some pictures for you for my next update. Mick has a camera and is going to burn me a disc of whatever we take. Still haven't found a camera worth purchasing yet...

I'm doing just fine, don't worry!